Part of what your dentist will do when you visit is diagnose any potential ailments you may suffer from. Your dentist may run x-rays (Dental X-Rays Page), conduct a thorough analysis of your mouth, and may ask you about any symptoms you have experienced. All this will help your dentist diagnose any possible problems. It is vital that your visit your dentist (Best Dentist in Santa Monica Page) twice a year, since he or she can diagnose problems early – before you suffer from pain and complications. Cavities (Healthy Gums and Teeth Page) diagnosed early, for example, can be treated fairly easily, without root canal (Root Canal Treatment | Endodontics Therapy Page) treatment. Early detection of oral cancer (Healthy Gums | Healthy Teeth | A Lifetime Commitment Page) can literally save your life, so you need to visit your dentist at least twice a year so that he or she can properly diagnose any possible problems and start treating them at once.

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