Best Dentist in Santa Monica

westladentalcare-office-001West LA Dental is something of a rarity among Los Angeles Dentists in that our practice has managed to grow each and every year, adding more and more new services we can offer to our patients, but without sacrificing either our founding commitment to excellence or our devotion to one to one relationships between the patient and their dental health care provider. We do not know of many other Los Angeles’s office that uses the same level of advanced equipment and cutting edge practices yet still maintains the feel of a family practice. But that is what West LA Dental is all about: the wellness of you and your family.

We offer a range of dental services to our West Los Angeles and Santa Monica as well Brentwood dental patients with the focus of each and every procedure (Procedures) we undertake being the betterment of the patient’s overall health and well being. Our skilled dental hygienist (Best Dentist in Santa Monica) can guarantee you the best cleaning your teeth will get in any West Los Angeles or Santa Monica dentist office. We pledge to provide you the finest cosmetic dental (Cosmetic Dentistry) services you can find in any of the many cities and neighborhoods of Los Angeles county, everything from teeth whitening (Teeth Whitening | Lifelong Teeth Whitening Tricks) to veneers (Dental Veneers | Porcelain Veneers) to root canal (Root Canal | Affordable Root Canal in Santa Monica) to emergency services to dental implants (Dental Implants) that will be both functional and attractive.

We feel confident making all these pledges to our customers because we are committed to working tirelessly until our customers are satisfied with any and all of the services they receive. Try to find a West LA dentist with the same “small town” type of ideals that we have, and we are certain that you’ll eventually circle back to our decidedly modern office. At West LA Dental, we treat every procedure we perform as a part of your overall health and well being plan: a simple oral examination could lead to a recommendation for many numbers of procedures that will greatly improve your comfort, your health, or even the function of your mouth. Likewise, if you come to us asking us to perform a certain procedure, we’ll make sure to satisfy your needs in the simplest, most effective yet inexpensive way we can. We are not to make a profit of our customers; we are out to make a living helping our patients live better lives through better oral health (Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Santa Monica Dentist) and hygiene.

wlad-logoSo if you have tried another West Los Angeles or Santa Monica dentist and were unhappy with their services or if you are new to the area just now beginning your search for the right dentist, do yourself and your family a favor and try out West LA Dental first. We accept most dental insurances and for those who do not have any insurance will provide reasonable pricing. Once you have experienced the level of care you get form our friendly, professional dentist and support staff, we doubt you will find yourself looking for another Los Angeles dentist ever again!

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